Cyprus Aphrodite’s Island

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Cyprus Aphrodite’s Island

Cyprus is the third biggest island of Mediterranean Sea and lies on its eastern region. Its’ strategic position, between Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe, was the reason for the battle among many countries from the ancient years until early 70s. Nations like Egyptians, Persians, French, Venetians, British and Turkish passed the island and each one of them left something from their civilisation either to the Cypriot citizens or to their culture.

Every conqueror left a different mark on the island. That is why Cyprus inherited a wealthy culture and many archaeological monuments. The Choirocitia civilization and the Kurioum, the Limasol Castle, the Monastery of Kykkos, which has one of the three most famous icons ascribed from Saint Lukas, the Staurovouni Monastery are only few of the history’s treasures which worth visiting them.

omodos churchCyprus’ fantastic weather, beautiful sandy beaches, the enormous blue sea and peoples’ hospitality makes it one of the best options for vacations any time of the year. Why? Because a visitor has the option of having quite holidays up on the mountains or crazy and extreme vacations in the city, both offering fantastic opportunities for relaxation and challenge.

kourionIncredible resorts, most of them being renovated, provide you the chance to encounter the life in the country, learn more about the Cyprus’ culture and enjoy your coffee and loukouma under the cool, calm climate.

Life in any part of Cyprus allows you to feel Cypriots’ hospitality and friendliness which are apparent as soon as you step your food in their place until you leave. They want to make you feel comfortable and their house is your house too, that’s what they usually say. Visit a local tavern or a restaurant at any time and you will witness their openness and kindness.

limassol molosThe more you stay in Cyprus the more you realise that strong traditions, particularly the family tradition, and religious events are kept unchanged for many centuries now. For instance, you will be lucky and amazed when you see a Cypriot traditional wedding where family members hung money on the young couple while they are dancing or sing to the bride and groom when they prepare them for the church.

Come and visit this beautiful island which despite the obstacles that came during these centuries it is still there and ready to offer you unforgettable holidays.

flamigo at Akrotiri Saltlake

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